*Attention all Coe-Brown Students*

Need a Senior Project or Community Service?

Have you ever wanted to be involved in the planning and organizing of a major event?

The Bean Hole Bash Committee is inviting anyone interested in assisting us in the hard work and coordination of Northwoods largest community weekend event of each year. Use your involvement to gain experience, acquire community service time, or complete a senior project. Looks great on College and Job Applications! Feel the rewards of your hard work when a Community comes together for The Bean Hole Bash Weekend!

Events and activities included:

  • Horseshoe Tournaments
  • Flea Market and Vendors
  • Beanhole Bash Color Contest
  • Event Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Event Website Design & Maintenance
  • Entertainment
  • Pageant and/or Talent Show
  • General Event Logistics and Planning
  • Most importantly-The Bean Dinner!!

Please come and share your ideas also!

If interested please contact:

Greg Bane 603-231-2502
NateĀ Bassett

Committee meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each Month at 7pm at the Community Center on corner of School St. and Main St.
Save The Date!! July 28 & 29, 2017 The Bean Hole Bash and Bean Dinner